Butta Board - Charcuterie, Cheese, Butter & Snack Board - CheeseButta - Gourmet Products Butta Board - Charcuterie, Cheese, Butter & Snack Board - CheeseButta - Gourmet Products
Butta Board - Charcuterie, Cheese, Butter & Snack Board $19.99
Savor the finer things in life with Butta Board - where charcuterie, cheese, and butter come together to elevate your snacking experience.Looking for a versatile serving board that can elevate the taste of your favorite charcuterie, cheese or snack? Look no further than the Butta Board. This beautifully crafted wooden board is perfect for impressing your guests with its elegant design and superior functionality. Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering or a large party, this board will make any spread look more gourmet without sacrificing flavor. With plenty of space to arrange your favorite meats, cheeses and crackers, as well as a built-in butter holder for added convenience, the Butta Board is an essential addition to any kitchen or dining room. So why not indulge in some luxurious snacking today? Grab yours now! Versatile: The Butta Board is perfect for serving a variety of charcuterie, cheese, butter and snacks making it the ideal addition to any gathering Durable: Made from highquality materials, this board is built to last and withstands heavy use without showing signs of wear Easy to Clean: With its smooth surface and nonporous material, cleaning up after your event has never been easier Stylish: The sleek design of the Butta Board adds an element of sophistication to any table setting or kitchen décor while keeping food organized in style Host the perfect spread with Butta Board, where every detail is crafted for your charcuterie, cheese, butter and snack indulgence.Introducing the Butta Board - the ultimate charcuterie, cheese, butter and snack board that is perfect for hosting any occasion. Made from premium quality wood material and with a sleek modern design, this board offers an elegant touch to your dinner parties or social gatherings. Its spacious surface allows you to indulge in your favorite snacks, cheeses and meats without having to worry about space constraints. The Butta Board is also easy-to-clean, so you can enjoy using it over-and-over again for all of your entertaining needs. So whether its movie night at home or an afternoon tea party with friends, the Butta Board will be sure to impress guests while keeping refreshments organized on one spot! Versatile: The Butta Board can be used for a variety of food items, including charcuterie, cheese, butter and snacks Easy to Clean: Made from highquality materials that are easy to clean and maintain Durable: This board is built to last with its sturdy construction ensuring long lasting use for years to come
CheeseButta GIFT CARD - CheeseButta - Gourmet Products
CheeseButta GIFT CARD from $10.00
Now you can send your family and friends the best gift EVER!.. CHEESE.BUTTA....) Choose an amount and let your friends & family choose their choice of CheeseButta's Gourmet Products.
CheeseButta-PRODUCTS-1-e1627170146956.jpg CheeseButta Knife - CheeseButta - Gourmet Products
CheeseButta Knife $6.99
CheeseButta Spreader Our CheeseButta sandwich spreader features quality built, 3 1/2" stainless steel blade, brass rivets and smooth, easy to grip, wood handles. Ideal for applying toppings, sandwich spreads and condiments, the spreader's serrated edge also allows the user to cut product without switching tools. This product also works great as a butter spreader for breakfast items.
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