Roasted Garlic 5 Cheese Blend


Roasted Garlic 5 Cheese Blend


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Product description

Introducing our mouthwatering CheeseBall Bites - Roasted Garlic 5 Cheese Blend, crafted exclusively for passionate garlic lovers like you. We embarked on a culinary adventure to create the ultimate indulgence that would make your taste buds dance with delight.

Picture this: a velvety blend of rich cheddar, Monterey Jack, cream cheese, Parmesan & Romano cheeses merging together in perfect harmony. But wait, there's more! We infused this delectable masterpiece with real roasted garlic to take it to another level of irresistible flavor. Each bite is an explosion of creamy goodness that will transport you to gastronomic heaven.

From the moment these heavenly spheres touch your palate, you'll be enchanted by their luxuriously smooth texture and bold garlic-infused profile.

So get ready to elevate your snacking experience and bring home a guaranteed winner that will have everyone in your household clamoring for more of our Creamy Garlic CheeseBall Bites!

The Favorite Roasted Garlic Cheese BOMB that literally explodes with flavor.

Created with a custom blend of 5 Cheeses, Roasted Garlic and our Secret Seasoning to create a Gluten free, Keto Friendly, Protein packed Gourmet Cheese Ball.

Great for Parties or an afternoon "Snack" or "Cheesy Pick Me Up".

  • Ingredients: Cheddar Cheese, Monterey Jack, Cream Cheese, Parmesan, Romano, Seasoning. Roasted Garlic

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