Garlic Gourmet Gourmet Seasoning


Garlic Gourmet Gourmet Seasoning


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Garlic Gourmet of Chef Henri's Gourmet Seasoning line

Made from richly flavored premium garlic cloves.

This premium seasoning for true garlic lovers, giving foods that rich & garlicky flavor you love. 

"As head chef of his loved restaurant, Chef Henri knows that the difference between plain and gourmet meals often comes down to proper seasoning"

CheeseButta™ blends real spices and ingredients together to create a taste you can't find on shelves.

"Now you can turn your everyday meals into gourmet cuisine with these professionally blended seasonings!"

Our incredibly versatile lineup of CheeseButta™ Gourmet Seasonings will have you covered in any area of cooking you need. Our seasonings are a delicious and satisfying addition to your kitchen and provide a unique and deep flavor. Simply use it while cooking, after cooking, or in any other way you'd like to make everyday gourmet.

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