Remi4alltheesnackgod CheeseButta topped Chili Mac Burgers

Remi4alltheesnackgod CheeseButta topped Chili Mac Burgers - CheeseButta - Gourmet Products

Big thank you to Remi for sharing this dish using our Original CheeseButta! A great and creative way to use our products with this Chili Mac Burger, you can use any flavor of CheeseButta in this recipe! Remi is a CheeseButta affiliate and has shown a few other ways to use our products, so make sure to check those out as well. Click here to see the video on his channel, and check out his social medias below:







store tonight I'm looking for dinner I'm thinking we got a lot of chili mac left over and I got some cheese butter why don't we make chili mac cheese butter Burgers let's get these ingredients really all I need is buns and burgers I think I'm taking these we want a bigger bun and I'm not making Burgers we're just gonna get the pre-made ones yo check it out and BOGO again and the Unicorn probably keeps getting these Prime displays which is dope to see I could never decide between Chuck or prime Chuck or prime I think we're going with the Chucks it's made with brisket and this is everything and we are back at the house and this is everything that we gonna need I got a lot of chili mac left over it's been a day since I was last at the store so excuse me for looking different also if you go to my profile and you find the


Real Cheese

Made from Real Cheese

KETO Friendly

Keto Diet Friendly

Gluten Free

Gluten Free & Clean

Protein Packed

Protein Indulgent Snack
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