ChefwithSteph Unboxing Review

ChefwithSteph Unboxing Review - CheeseButta - Gourmet Products

Thank you Steph for the great review of our shipping process! We really appreciate the great feedback. Steph also reviewed the products she got in another video, and even made a few recipes using our products! Steph uses her platforms to share recipes, and content around her being a new mom! Check out her social media pages below







y'all I am so excited quite literally one of my biggest Cravings in this pregnancy has been cheese she's butter was kind enough to send me a package I'm gonna open it up with you all and to see what we got [Music] I just took out the bubble wrap and this is what the packaging looks like y'all I don't know how they do this but everything in here is still cold if I didn't work from home to be able to clean this package right away it would have been fine sitting outside my house probably for even another day because this is freezing first we have some cheese bites these are the seasoned cheese bites sounds delicious smoked bacon cheese bites these are going to get devoured very fast we also have the cheese butter Gourmet cheese melt I think this is what I am most excited to use I can see myself using this for garlic breads sandwiches really on anything I'm so excited to try this and share my honest review with you guys and there is another ice pack this is not only topped with a freezing cold ice pack keeping everything in here fresh as well as there's one at the bottom everything from cheese butter is shipped FedEx two-day shipping they are shipped with these cooler packs to keep all of the food Fresh So that nothing perishes in the meal even in hot summer months I am so grateful to cheese butter for sending me these products I cannot wait to try them to share my review with you all so stay tuned for those videos because those will be up soon they'll also be including a discount code for you guys if you want to check them out

Real Cheese

Made from Real Cheese

KETO Friendly

Keto Diet Friendly

Gluten Free

Gluten Free & Clean

Protein Packed

Protein Indulgent Snack
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