AnidasLajuanie Reviews CheeseButta and CheeseBall Bites

AnidasLajuanie Reviews CheeseButta and CheeseBall Bites - CheeseButta - Gourmet Products

Thank you so much Anidas for the great review of our Original Cheesebutta, Roasted Garlic, and Smoked Bacon (now Smoked Bacon Gouda) CheeseBall Bites! He prepared the Cheesebutta on sliced bread, and the cheeseball bites on a mini pizza toast. Anidas uses his page to share new food finds, meals, and more! Check out his social media channels below






yeah let's try cheese butter Gourmet cheese melt so cheese butter sent me some of their Gourmet spread as well as some of their seasoned cheese bites so the spread is a delicious unique blend of four cheeses and seasoned butter um and then I think that these are like little cheese snacks you can put on a charcuterie board um they sent some little instructions with different ideas so I'm gonna do the cheese melt on just some toast in the airfryer and I'm gonna make some little pizzas with the seasoned cheese bites they set the roasted garlic and smoked bacon I think I'm gonna use the smoked bacon on my little pizzas um they say you could like toss this on pasta you could put it in eggs baked potato Burgers hot dogs all kinds of things so let's give it a try this is what the cheese butter spread looks like and I'm just gonna put it on this bread that I got all right so there's the cheese lettuce spread on toast and then this is the little pizza I just cut two of the balls in half often some turkey pepperoni and a little pizza sauce into the airfryer about five minutes on 350. while the air fryer is going let's try one of the cheese bites on its own so this again is the smoked bacon um nice Smoky flavor it almost tastes like a gouda it's cheddar jack cream cheese parmesan Romano and Gourmet seasoning go can't wait for the pizza let's see how it looks ah look at that bubbly goodness uh let's try it I'm so excited y'all look so this is the just the cheese one and then our pizza one let's do the cheese one first yo the cheesiness mm-hmm this would be so good on a baked potato or even just with hot pasta garlic bread because of the pizza there's a little pizza I made I could have chopped it a little bit better but I know it's gonna be delicious look at that

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