Snack Pack On-the-Go (free shipping)


Snack Pack On-the-Go (free shipping)

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 Cheese Bomb Snack Pack ready anytime you need to grab and go.

Packed full of gourmet cheese, this makes a perfect addition to lunch or an afternoon snack. Grab a pack and take them to the gym for your after workout protein blast.

We source our ingredients locally and hand craft our cheese bombs using only Natural Ingredients.

Include in this box:

3 - Original Cheese Bombs Snack Packs
3 - Roasted Garlic Cheese Bombs Snack Packs
3 - Smoked Bacon Cheese Bombs Snack Packs
3 - Pepperoni Cheese Bombs Snack Packs
3 - Sweet Thai Chili Cheese Bombs Snack Packs

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