The CheeseButta® Story

Over 60 years ago, my father Henry Paul created the Original Cheese Bread recipe, which was served with every meal in the family restaurant.

In early 2021, CheeseButta was born from a dream about Cheese Bread, the restaurant, and partly missing my father.

My journey to perfect the Original Cheese Butter recipe and package it for everyone began with the best quality Butter & Cheeses, which turned into CheeseButta!

The CheeseButta® gourmet cheese melt is made from real butter, four cheeses, and special seasonings. Following our initial testing, I developed four more savory flavors, which have proven to be our most popular and anchor products. Easy to use and transform everyday into gourmet with the use of all natural ingredients.

I dare you to say "CheeseButta" without smiling...:) In the last year, our business has grown faster than we could have imagined. We are constantly expanding and offering new experiences with CheeseButta.

CheeseBall® Bites, our newest line of Cheese Blends with All-Natural Ingredients, has become a Huge Success.

The new line includes seven different types of cheese blends and eleven different packaging options, the response has been tremendous and tasty.

It is now time for the whole world to experience it.

Mission of CheeseButta

1. Quality of Products.
2. Service to Our Customers
3. Maintaining the highest standards possible. Our savory products are designed to enhance the flavor of your recipes.
3. Our products can be used to create gourmet creations.

By creating new recipes or adding an amazing twist to classics, it would be my pleasure to spark your inner chef.

Over 60 years later, we have created a unique brand, CheeseButta®, based on Chef Henry Paul's "Trade Secret" recipe

In addition to spreading or mixing in, CheeseButta can also be melted down to release its unique, rich flavor...and it's delicious! With CheeseButta packaged in a convenient, safe, tamper-resistant, and reusable container, we are confident you will thoroughly enjoy it on your favorite breads and other foods.

Enjoy your CheeseButta-ing!
CEO - Michael Paul


Embark on an unforgettable culinary journey, where flavors intertwine and create lasting memories that nurture the bonds between loved ones.

Experience the delectable delight that effortlessly brings family together and creates moments to cherish.

Browse through our exclusive selection of products below, each one perfect for holiday gatherings, charcuterie parties, cheese and wine nights, or simply indulging in a satisfying personal snack.

Let your taste buds be captivated and your senses delighted with our exceptional offerings.

Dinner Parties, Snacks, Lunches, Football Parties, Hiking, Camping etc.

Perfect for Any Occasion

CheeseButta® Gourmet Cheese Melts

Real Cheese

Made from Real Cheese

KETO Friendly

Keto Diet Friendly

Gluten Free

Gluten Free & Clean

Protein Packed

Protein Indulgent Snack
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