The CheeseButta® Story

Over 50 years ago, my father Henry Paul created the Original Cheese Bread recipe, which was served with every meal in the family restaurant.

As a result of a dream about Cheese Bread, the restaurant, and partly missing my father, CheeseButta was born in early 2021.

--> CheeseButta! I began the journey of perfecting the Original Cheese Butter recipe and packaging it for everyone to enjoy.

Using a special blend of butter, four cheeses, and our proprietary seasonings, CheeseButta® is our gourmet cheese melt. I created four more savory flavors after our initial testing, which have proven to be our most popular and anchor products. We use all natural ingredients and source locally whenever possible. Easy to use and turn everyday into gourmet.

Our business has grown faster than we imagined in the past year. We are constantly trying to reach more people and offer them new experiences with CheeseButta. I dare you to say "CheeseButta" without smiling....:)

Our product line has been expanded since we started to include Cheese Ball-Bites (formerly Cheese Bombs), which are a mixture of five types of cheese and seasoning, as well as six seasonings. All of our products are made with real ingredients, no artificial flavors or preservatives, and we source the ingredients locally whenever possible.

CheeseButta's Original CheeseButta started it all, with a blend of Medium Cheddar cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, Parmesan cheese, and Romano cheese.

Now is the time for the whole world to experience it.

CheeseButtaTM's Mission

- CheeseButta's mission is to create a quality, unique product.

- We want our savory products to enhance your recipes with delicious flavor.

- Gourmet Creations can be created using our products.

It would be my pleasure to spark your inner "chef" by creating new recipes or adding an amazing twist to classics.

With Chef Henry Paul's "Trade Secret" recipe, we have created a unique brand, CheeseButtaTM, over 50 years later

CheeseButta can be spread on or mixed in, then melted down to release its unique, rich flavor...and enjoyed! Packaged in a convenient, safe, tamper-resistant, and reusable container, we trust you will thoroughly enjoy CheeseButta on your favorite breads and anything else you can think of.

Happy CheeseButta-ing!
Michael Paul - CEO

Dinner Parties, Snacks, Lunches, Football Parties, Hiking, Camping etc.

Perfect for Any Occasion

CheeseButta® Gourmet Cheese Melt
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