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Updated July 14, 2021
Invest in CheeseButta & Earn 8%
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Exciting news! We’re back on @thesmbx with a new bond offering! Thank-you to all who have invested in us, and now we’re here to sweeten the deal with a much better rate. Here's how it works. Purchase CHZE Small Business Bonds on @thesmbx. They start as low as $10 and when the raise closes, investors will receive a monthly investment paid back at 8% over a five year period. We pride ourselves on producing a classic family recipe that dates back over 50 years! Our CheeseButta blends four flavorful cheeses together with savor seasoned butter. We also enjoy connecting with our community, which is why this partnership is so special to us. Our customers will have a chance to invest in us and receive monthly payments paid back with interest!Keep it local!

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CheeseButta™ is a classic family recipe that blends four flavorful cheeses together with aromatically seasoned butter to create a one-of-a-kind melting spread. Over the years CheeseButta has grown an impressive fanbase of home chefs, foodies, and high-end snackers.

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Our Story

Based on the success of our first raise on SMBX, CheeseButta has since acquired a walk-in cooler and freezer, plus a secondary mixer. We are active in several farmers markets as well as the NW Food Show, the TASTE 2022 (at the Washington State Fairgrounds), the Clark County Fair and the Vancouver Jazz & Wine Festival. We were also able to hire 4 incredible full-time employees.

CheeseButta was originally created by my father Chef Henri Paul, and I’m on a mission to share his recipe with the world. From an early age I was introduced to cooking and being part of a restaurant family. For many years I managed the family restaurant ‘Henri’s’, and today, we pride ourselves on using nothing but high quality, unprocessed ingredients. Our product line has expanded to several new flavors, including habanero, pepperoni, roasted garlic and smoked bacon. CheeseButta has grown an eager new fanbase of home chefs, foodies, recipe-creators and high-end snackers. 

The everyday home chef and Gourmet Connoisseur can create spectacular dishes for friends and family, making a casual dinner something to rush home for. We will also be introducing a Gourmet Seasoning line in July. Another family trade secret seasoning blend that has been sought after for over 50 years, and I am so happy to be able to offer it to the public. The Classic steak and chicken season is our most popular, along with our "Vampire Slayer" garlic seasoning, "Hot Mamma" Cajun Seasoning and our BBQ backyard RUB, plus our signature Seafood Seasoning.

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Use of Funds

Based on the success of the first raise, CheeseButta intends to use the funds raised for working capital, hiring staff and marketing.


$70,620 (33%) - marketing



$70,620 (33%) - equipment



$65,270 (30.5%) - hiring staff



$7,490 (3.5%) - SMBX's capital raise fee

Our top picks

32415P3_CHB_CheeseButta_Rendering_Lid_Original16oz.pngCheeseButta™ Original

CheeseButta™ Original

CheeseButta Gourmet Cheese Melt

32415P3_CHB_CheeseButta_Rendering_Lid_Garlic16oz.pngRoasted Garlic CheeseButta™

Roasted Garlic CheeseButta™

CheeseButta Gourmet Cheese Melt

32415P3_CHB_CheeseButta_Rendering_Lid_Bacon16oz.pngSmoked Bacon CheeseButta™

Smoked Bacon CheeseButta™

CheeseButta Gourmet Cheese Melt

32415P3_CHB_CheeseButta_Rendering_Lid_Pepperoni16oz.pngPepperoni CheeseButta™

Pepperoni CheeseButta™

CheeseButta Gourmet Cheese Melt

32415P3_CHB_CheeseButta_Rendering_Lid_Habanero8oz.pngHabanero CheeseButta™

Habanero CheeseButta™

CheeseButta Gourmet Cheese Melt